'Bartolillos madrileños'

Madrid Region

Madrid Region
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for the mixture ¼ kg of flour 100 gm of sugar 100 gm of lard 2 eggs 1 dl of milk ¼ l of oil ingredients for the cream 75 gm of flour 75 gm of sugar 25 gm of butter 2 eggs ½ l of milk lemon rind

  • Preparation

    Preparation of the cream : in a bowl beat the egg and sugar until achieving an even mixture. Next add the flour and dilute with a small amount of milk. Pour the rest of the milk into another pan to heat, adding the lemon rind. When the milk begins to boil, add the prepared mixture and allow to cook for about 6 minutes, stirring from time to time. Then set aside and add butter; continue stirring until it is well mixed, and then allow to stand in order to cool. The mixture: mix the eggs, lard and sugar together in a bowl, until you obtain an even consistency. Once the cream and the mixture are ready, roll out the latter with a rolling pin, in such a way that it forms a very fine sheet, without breaking. Once rolled, cut with a triangular shaped mould and join the triangles by the bases two by two. Place a spoonful of cream inside and cover, ensuring that the sides are stuck together well. Fry the 'bartolillos' in a frying pan with abundant oil until they turn golden and swell.

  • Presentation

    Serve on a flat dish, sprinkled with ground sugar and ground cinnamon.