Walled enclosure and castle in Daroca


Because of its length and variety of styles and construction periods, the walled enclosure in Daroca is an exceptional case in Spanish military architecture.

The first fortified site in Daroca in the Moorish period possibly dates back to the 11th century and started off at the current Castillo Mayor castle, which was the old Moorish citadel and was probably built up towards San Cristóbal hill, with its sturdy Christian tower that shares the same name (13th-14th centuries), and down towards the Tres Guitarros wall, to return to the Castillo Mayor castle. Because Daroca grew in Christian times later on, the walled site was extended up to 4 kilometres, which is the current size. Most of the parts are kept in good condition, and were built at different times (13th-19th centuries) and with different types of construction elements (ashlar stonework, masonry, etc.). Some of the most important elements are Puerta Baja gate (15th century), Puerta Alta gate (refurbished in the 17th century), Torre de Cariñena tower, etc.

Walled enclosure and castle in Daroca

Plaza de España, 1

50360  Daroca, Zaragoza  (Aragón)

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