Basilica of Santa María de los Sagrados Corporales


Daroca, the Eucharistic miracle of the Corporals.

The basilica is built on the site of a Romanesque church, of which only the main apse remains. It is in the Renaissance style, but based on the Gothic tradition.

The Eucharistic miracle of the Corporals is said to have happened in 1239 after the conquest of Valencia by the forces of James I of Aragon. Since then, the relic has been kept in Daroca. The church of Santa María was chosen to hold it, and the original 12th-century Romanesque structure was enlarged and rebuilt in later centuries. In the 15th century the apse was decorated with a rare French Gothic stone altarpiece and a new main entrance was installed, now the Puerta del Perdón. More extensive changes were made in the 16th century, changing the entire layout of the church. Thanks to the importance of the relic of the Corporals, the basilica acquired a magnificent array of art which is now kept in its Museum.

Basilica of Santa María de los Sagrados Corporales

Plaza de España

50360  Daroca, Zaragoza  (Aragón)

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