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A person looking at Lake Calabazosa in Somiedo Natural Park

Spanish nature reserves, considered among the best destinations in Europe


Get ready to discover why Spanish nature reserves are considered one of the main natural attractions on the European continent. With 53 UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserves, there are a multitude of diverse ecosystems and rich natural landscapes to enjoy. Read on and marvel at the 5 natural wonders hidden within its borders.

1. Irati Forest (Navarre)is one of Europe’s largest beech and fir woodlandsCrossed by the rivers Zatoya and Andueña, Irati is an immense expanse of green, consisting of 17,000 hectares of almost pristine land. You can see herds of deer. Go hiking. And discover the fabulous legends connected with its valleys: Aezkoa and Salazar. 2. Doñana National Park in Andalusia is home to over 300 different species of birdsDoñana National Park is an ecosystem rich in both flora and fauna. You'll fall in love with its dunes, sands and spectacular wetlands. All with an incredible mild Mediterranean climate.   

Top: Irati reservoir © Gaizka Bilbao. Below: Flamingos in Doñana National Park

3. Somiedo Natural Park (Asturias), a route through the lakes. Get ready to marvel at the “brañas” in Somiedo, vast summer pastures of grassland and water. Explore its 200 kilometres of unspoiled natural scenery at your leisure. 4. Bardenas Reales Natural Park(Navarre), a sea of clay and plaster. An ideal destination for film lovers, the desert-like landscape of Bardenas has featured in iconic series like Game of Thrones. Take off on foot or by bike, and unwind among the sands, plateaus and ravines of another galaxy. 5. As Catedrais beach (Galicia), a natural work of art. It's only when the tide is out that you can wander among the impressive arches and caves on the seashore. The clear waters of the sea are divided by strands of white sand. You'll never forget this imposing natural monument.     

Top left: Brana de Murmian route, Somiedo. Top right: Bardenas Reales. Below: Las Catedrales beach, Lugo
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