A traditional farmhouse at dusk in Urkiola, Vizcaya

Enjoy nature: a holiday in a country cottage in the Basque Country

Basque Country

Our recommendation for today: give your eyes a treat. Leave the grey of the city behind and treat your eyes to the colour of serenity: green. The best plan is to take a relaxing holiday in Spain, and more specifically in the Basque Country. You will find peaceful little villages that are perfect for enjoying a stay in a country cottage, surrounded by nature.

The Baztán Valley

Head towards the Atlantic Pyrenees, where you'll find the largest municipality in Navarre.During your rural holiday you will find a wealth of mansions and stone farmhouses that have been converted into the perfect country homes for a relaxing stay, and you can also choose to hike along a section of the Way of Saint James.

Traditional farmhouse in the Basque Country


In this area of Guipúzcoa you will learn the origin of the name Goyerri, which means “high town”, meaning that you can enjoy some incredible views of nature that will heal you of any stress that may be weighing you down. Make sure that you find a great place to stay with views of the Txindoki mountain and follow a hiking route so you don't miss any of the secret spots.

Young woman on the summit of Txindoki mountain


In the centre of the Basque Country, between San Sebastián and Bilbao, you will find Aramayona, a municipality made up of several charming little villages. It is surrounded by mountains and meadows, in stunning shades of green. You'll find some fascinating and gorgeous farmhouses and flocks of grazing sheep, in a beautiful postcard town that you can experience for yourself.

Early morning mist in the Aramayona Valley, Basque Country


If you'd like to enjoy both sea views and peaceful green mountains at the same time, you should visit Mundaka. Did you know that this word comes from the Latin expression munda aqua, which means clear water? This could be due to its location, in the heart of the Urdaibai Estuary Biosphere Reserve, at the mouth of the Oka River. The unique coastal town is full of unique little spots. You can also visit the nearby hermitage of Santa Catalina, with its walls from the 19th century. A beautiful spot.

Aerial view of the Mundaka estuary.


You will find this municipality in the east of the Basque Country, near Irún. It is full of beautiful coastal spots where you can relax with a sea view, gaze at the unique horizons, appreciate the vast blue sky without buildings blocking your view and enjoy the town's delicious cuisine, alongside itsMedieval wall. It's a beautiful and colourful town that invites you to explore every one of its streets.

Houses in the Plaza Mayor of Fuenterabía-Hondarribia

If you're looking for a unique stay, you will find villas, cottages and countryside hotels with all the peace and quiet you need.

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