Horses grazing in the Albufera nature reserve in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Nature in its purest state in the Albufera de Mallorca nature reserve


Michelin Balearic Islands are famous for their golden sand beaches andcrystalline waters. Stunning nature also abounds, offering a whole host of activities you can enjoy. On each of the islands there is a protected nature reserve where the flora and fauna are preserved. Here you can spot native animals and get close to the beautiful natural world. On the island of Mallorca, in the north, is theS'Albufera nature reserve, a wetland with a rich variety of flora and fauna. A coastal marsh formed by lagoons and natural and artificial channels.

How to get there and origins of the reserve

The entrance to the nature reserve is right next to the Pont dels Anglesos, about six kilometres southeast ofAlcúdia, the Mallorcan city located in the large bay of the same name. Before you get up close to nature, you can visit the Church of Sant Jaume, in neo-Gothic style. If you follow the walls that surround the old town, you will walk through centuries of antiquity. Once you arrive at the S'Albufera nature reserve, you will be stepping on a wetland of international renown, since it is considered a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). S’Albufera is the largest and most important wetland in the Balearic Islands. Part of the wetland dates back to the Tertiary, although its coastal dunes are more modern, about 10,000 years old. Its expanse has varied due to changes in sea level, which have changed its shape over the years. 

Birds in the Albufera nature reserve in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

What to do and see

Its flora is dominated by the common reed, swamp sawgrass and broadleaf cattail, the most typical vegetation of the wetlands along with rush. As regards its fauna, more than two thirds of the bird species found in the Balearic Islands archipelago have been identified in the Albufera nature reserve, around 270 different species. Many of them spend the winter in Menorca and return to northern Europe in the spring. In terms of mammals, there are 8 different species of bat.If hiking is your thing, the area has a network of trails perfect for walking and biking. There are 4 different routes known as: Colombars, Sa Roca, Cibollar, des Cibollar and Camí d'Enmig - ses Puntes although you should always check the park's opening times. We recommend watching the sun set over this beautiful spot.

Close-up of a lake in the Albufera nature reserve in Mallorca, Balearic Islands