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The best olive oil tourism plans


Spain is the leading producer of olive oil in the world. Even though most olives are grown in Andalusia, there are many other parts of Spain that produce excellent quality olive oil, such as Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Region of Valencia, Aragón, etc. This fact has resulted in olive oil tourism forming part of the country’s wide-ranging tourism offer in recent years. Many olive oil producers have created unqiue experiences in their own mills and in the areas surrounding them where you can discover all the secrets of the most acclaimed olive oil in the world. Get ready to discover some of them:

Olive oil tourism in Castile-La Mancha

If you are visiting this region, you can take full advantage of the guided tours of organic olive groves and to the Olive Oil Culture Visitor Centre, as well as specialist tasting sessions of olive oil and marinated tapas. How about sampling the great Spanish cuisine in an incredibly special way? You can also find a selection of rural boutique hotels and accommodation for an extra special stay and have the chance to pick olives, undoubtedly a unique experience.

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Olive oil tourism in Andalusia

Andalusia is the region with the largest olive oil production in the world. If you fancy tasting olive oil, touring an olive farm in a horse drawn carriage, learning about olive picking, enjoying an authentic Andalusian breakfast or a picnic with local products, etc., Andalusia won’t disappoint.  If, apart from discovering all the secrets of olive oil you also want to learn about all its health benefits, in this region you can find the best way to take care of yourself while you relax in spas and health resorts with olive oil based massages and treatments

Harvesting olives in a grove in Andalusia

Olive oil tourism in Extremadura

In the province of Cáceres you can find a tasting school, an oleoteque with more than 150 references of extra virgin olive oil, the chance to make your own olive oil, soap, etc. You can also unwind with an olive oil body massage that is not only relaxing but also provides the skin with natural and special hydration. 

Olive grove in Extremadura

Olive oil tourism in Catalonia

To the south of this region you can find the main part of the Route of the Thousand-year-old Olive Trees, a route that gives you the opportunity to visit the largest number of millennium olive trees in the world, some with trunk circumferences of over 3.5 metres. In the municipal area of Ulldecona alone (in the province of Tarragona) there are 1,379 trees documented. This area is well worth a visit, not only to see these historic trees, but also to enjoy the best Spanish cuisine through olive oil tasting at its two Michelin-starred restaurants.

Thousand-year-old olive tree with Ulldecona Castle in the background, Catalonia

Olive oil tourism in the Region of Valencia

If you want to sample the healthiest olive oil in the world, you simply can’t miss a visit to Requena, west of the Region of Valencia where a totally organic variety of olive oil is produced. Some of the activities on offer in the area include: guided tours, technical sessions, olive oil tasting, gourmet meals prepared with oils and even healthy bed and breakfast options. It is a great place to visit if you love gastronomy, as the cured meats and sausages from this region are very highly regarded.

Olive oil tasting

Olive oil tourism in Aragón

Aragón is another of Spain’s biggest olive oil producing regions. In the province of Zaragoza you can discover a whole universe of sensations centred around olive oil. Among other activities, there are tasting sessions so you can familiarise yourself with the different olive oils on the market. Without question, a great choice for discovering Spanish cuisine and all the flavours of Aragón. Although there are many areas of Spain where you can find first class olive oil mills and farms, some of our suggestions will certainly help you discover the olive oil culture in Spain, a different experience that will surprise you in every way. Spanish tourism never fails to deliver in terms of choice and variety.

Woman in an olive oil factory samples an olive oil bottle
An olive grove