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Gipsy tripe


  • 材料

    Ingredients: 1kg of tripe 1/2kg of chickpeas 2 onions 1 head of garlic 1/2kg Calves' feet 2 carrots 1 red or green pepper 2 tomatoes ham bone chorizo black pudding ham vinegar lemon paprika nutmeg saffron parsley mint salt

  • 作り方

    Put the tripe and the calves feet on a table and remove the skin. Once it is clean, cut it into regular pieces and cut the feet in half. Put them in a bowl, add vinegar, salt and lemon juice and mix. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash several times until the water comes out clear. Cover with water and put it all to boil in a large pot, together with the soaked chickpeas. Add the onion and the chopped garlic, chopped carrots, paprika, mint, parsley and a piece of the ham bone. Allow to cook until everything is tender and add the chorizo and the black pudding. Fry the onion, green pepper, tomatoes and ham scraps. Mash them in a mortar, together with the garlic, nutmeg and saffron. Put it in the stew and correct the salt.