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Corral de Comedias theatre


The Corral de Comedias theatre in Alcalá de Henares is one of the oldest in Spain. It still conserves the various architectural elements that are evidence of its long history as a venue for public performances.

It opened in 1602, and the features remaining from these early days include the cobbled courtyard, the tiered seats, the rooms and the space reserved for women known as the 'cazuela', or pan. In the 18th century it was transformed into a new classical coliseum when the courtyard was covered with a dome. The 20th century saw the installation of a protective screen which continued in place until the 1970s. After its restoration it was reopened in 2003 and is today a theatre-museum offering a programme of productions run by the Teatro de La Abadía Foundation, in addition to guided tours.  

Corral de Comedias theatre

Plaza de Cervantes, 15

28801  Alcalá de Henares, Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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