Detail of runners taking part in a marathon

Running events in Spain


Good news for runners: the number of races organised in different Spanish cities is constantly growing. Running is a sport with lots of health benefits for both body and mind, and more and more people are taking it up, buzzing with energy. Whatever your level, you’ll find that the events organised in Spain offer different levels of difficulty, ensuring great fun and a challenge for all. So, are you ready to take part in the most popular Spanish races? Read on, and get involved with this very healthy sport while you explore some of Spain’s top destinations

  • San Silvestre Vallecana (Madrid)

    If you’re a sports lover, no doubt rounding off the year with a 10k race through the streets of Madrid will sound like an excellent idea. So go for it! Take part in the San Silvestre race that’s held every 31 December in the Vallecas neighbourhood, attracting more than 40,000 runners each year. The New Year grapes that are traditional in Spain will do wonders for you after the race.

  • Barcelona Marathon

    Can you imagine yourself running through a traffic-free Barcelona, at the same time admiring Gaudí’s stunning modernist architecture, the famous Camp Nou, or the magic of the streets of the Eixample district? The Zurich Barcelona Marathon gives you the opportunity to do just that, while running the 26-mile long race. A challenge for all those who want to really push themselves and enjoy an urban marathon in one of Spain’s most popular destinations.

  • Guadalquivir Night Run (Seville)

    Spain offers running events at every time of the day, and proof of this is the night run in the Andalusian capital. Held just before midnight on the last Friday of September, the 7,800 metre race route runs along the River Guadalquivir and though the monument area. A popular, fun race with a history of over 20 years that’s become one of the best ways of enjoying Andalusia. So are you ready to release those endorphins while you admire truly iconic landmarks such as La Giralda?

  • Behobia (San Sebastián)

    This race in the capital of Gipuzkoais one of the most demanding, because of the 192 metre elevation gain. There are lots of up and downs, and two important high points, Gaintxurizketa and the Alto de Miracruz. Without doubt an opportunity to really push yourself, and at the same time discover such singular places as the municipalities of Pasaia and Errenteria, and Zurriola beach. If you manage to finish the race, celebrate with a bite to eat in a typical Basque cider house: a great way to enjoy Basque gastronomy.

  • Trinidad Alfonso Marathon (Valencia)

    If you’re planning a trip to Valencia, why not visit all those iconic landmarks to the beat of running feet in this event. This marathon, which has been held for over 40 years, has become one of the top competitions in the world of running in Spain. The City of Arts and Sciences is both the start point and the finishing line for this race, which follows a route that takes in well-known places like the Turia gardens, the Puerta del Mar and the Serranos Towers. Don’t miss out on this unique, energetic and extremely healthy way to discover a city.