Tourists shopping on Calle Larios in Málaga, Andalusia

A day of shopping on the streets of Málaga and in its shopping centres


The centre of Málaga is a fascinating hub for social life in the city. The wide range of shops and terraces, the cultural appeal of the historical monuments that you’ll find when visiting the area, and its lively atmosphere will make your day of shopping a priceless experience. How would you like to spend a day shopping in the capital of the Costa del Sol?

  • View of Calle Larios in Málaga, Andalusia

    The most iconic shopping streets in the old town

    Let’s begin in the old town of Málaga. It is home to one of the most exclusive and renowned streets for shopping in Spain: Calle Larios. Here you can wander from shop to shop, browsing famous fashion brands, perfume, cosmetics and accessories. It’s considered to be one of the most expensive streets in Spain, but you can also find small traditional shops, which are concentrated around the area of Calle Larios.The eye-catching window displays are not the only treat for the eyes, the shops themselves are contained within stately buildings with a very particular aesthetic. The master builder who designed them, Eduardo Strachan-Viana-Cárdenas, decided that they should be symmetrical with rounded corners.Running parallel to Calle Larios you’ll find Calle Nueva, another pedestrianised area of the city’s old town and home to several major brands. Before Calle Larios was opened, Calle Nueva was the main shopping street in the city. Despite its name, it is one of the oldest streets in the city’s old town.

  • Tourists shopping in the old quarter in Málaga, Andalusia

    Small shops close to Calle Larios

    If you’re looking for a more relaxing day of shopping, you might want to begin by visiting the shops on Calle de los Mártires, where you will find various second-hand and vintage boutiques. And nearby you’ll find Calle Andrés Pérez. This is one of the narrowest streets in Málaga’s old town, but it has just as much to offer as the city’s main streets. Art expresses itself in many different ways on this street, something that you will see and feel when you visit its establishments: from art galleries, craft stalls and tea shops to an antique store located inside a palace. This area is also well-known for a famous traditional ice cream shop, where you can taste its popular artisan turrón.If you continue into the centre of Málaga, make sure you don’t miss the colourful Plaza Pintor Eugenio Chicano square, also known as La Brecha. It is a very appealing meeting point for anyone who loves handicrafts, as you’ll find many unique artisan boutiques there.Also located in the centre, Calle Torre de Sandoval, Calle Sancha de Lara and Calle Salinas are areas with commercial brands and small businesses where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets for a little while. As you wander along admiring the shop windows, you will arrive at Plaza del Obispo square, an area with a Baroque style that is home to two important buildings: the Episcopal Palace and Málaga Cathedral.

  • View of the Muelle Uno shopping centre in Málaga, Andalusia

    Shopping centres around the old town

    The majority of the city’s shopping centres are very close to its historic centre. As such, without having to travel far, you can visit the different floors of department stores, browse the businesses in the shopping centre at María Zambrano Train Station, or enjoy a day of shopping in the open air at Puerto Muelle Uno shopping centre.

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