Spanish haute-couture flamenco fashion

Haute-couture flamenco fashion and its place of origin


Flamenco is not just music, it is much more. It is an entire culture that surrounds and envelops its main elements such as singing and dancing. Details that include the dresses and clothes worn. But this universal art has something special, since the flamenco costume is the only regional costume in Spain that follows fashion, that varies, that changes and that creates trends. Below, you will be able to discover some of the secrets of flamenco fashion.  

The origin of a tradition

There is little doubt about the place of origin of flamenco fashion, and everything indicates that its birth is closely linked to the Andalusian livestock fairs in the 19th century. The sellers – wives of ranchers, gypsies and peasants – came to these events wearing ruffled aprons over patterned robes. According to experts, this could be the first version of the dresses we know today. This way of dressing then moved from the lower to the upper classes, which perfected the dress and added details of higher quality. However, one of the most important moments in the history of this costume took place in 1929, when the Seville April Fair was made official. At this point, the fair abandoned its role as a livestock trade fair and began to be the event that we know today. A week when music, gastronomy and dance are the protagonists.

Tourists wearing Spanish haute-couture flamenco fashion

International Flamenco Fashion Show

But another much more recent event solidified the success of haute-couture fashion linked to this costume: the International Flamenco Fashion Show, launched in 1996. An event held at the Exhibition and Conference Centre of Seville, dedicated exclusively to this costume, with more than 42 professional catwalk shows, more than 50 fashion firms and more than 1,700 dresses. A show of worldwide relevance with over 72,000 visitors every year.As you can see, the most famous regional dress in Spain has managed to go from a humble fair in Seville to catwalks around the world. So, if you are a lover of this dress, you already have two dates saved on your calendar, the April Fair and the International Flamenco Fashion Show. You will not miss any of the trends surrounding this incredible dress.

Tourists wearing flamenco fashion
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