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Tricks to boost the likes on your photos

Because Instagrammers experience more than just beaches and crystal-clear waters, here is a unique selection of Spain that will encourage any fans of travelling to share original photos. These are lesser-known places around Spain, but places where their beauty and uniqueness make it easy to get the perfect combination of pixels and be showered with likes on social media. Once you have read these useful tips and the odd secret about these locations, all you have to do is share these unique photos with the hashtag #visitspain and try your luck with the select influencer community.

  • Meandro del Melero

    El Melero Meander (Extremadura)

    Reach the La Antigua viewpoint on foot or by car and this stunning panoramic view of the most spectacular areas of the Las Hurdes region will be all yours. Paradise for hikers, the bend in the river Alagón surrounds the wooded island of Romerosa. One of the best moments to take a photo is when the sunset intensifies the green colours of the landscape. Sometimes during the mating season the deer approach the water's edge. If you visit on a warm day we recommend looking for the natural pool of the Ladrillar river.

  • The Red Wall in Calpe

    The Red Wall (Calpe, Alicante)

    As if it were a famous children’s construction game, this tourist housing development projects impossibly attractive geometric shadows. Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill chose the different shades of red to create a unique contrast with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The Red Wall has a constructivist design with Arabic casbah details. If this labyrinth of terraces, solariums, swimming pools, staircases and patios is a source of photographic inspiration itself, it is worth getting a view of it from a distance to get the Penyal d’Ifac in the background. 

  • Crystal Palace in Retiro Park, Madrid

    Crystal Palace (Madrid)

    Although this is a fairly well-known place, any photographer would fall in love with this impressive iron and glass building located in Retiro Park. This is because of its shape, the crystal roofs that let you see trees that are more than 100 years old, the contemporary art exhibitions that it usually holds... So much charm in one building that you will lose yourself.

  • Views of Anaga in Tenerife

    Anaga Road (Tenerife, Canary Islands)

    A road trip that becomes a real spectacle. This is the experience of descending along the roads of the Anaga Rural Park. Mountains of spectacular vegetation that lead down to the sea. It is no coincidence that this place was declared a Biosphere Reserve. It is easy to use up all of the battery on your devices trying to photograph it all. But, do not take photos while you are driving!

  • Lavender Fields, Brihuega

    Lavender fields, Brihuega (Guadalajara)

    If visiting the village of Brihuega is interesting because of its old town, for example, the Lavender Fields Festival, held every July, is a truly unique experience. This fragrant flower fills the air and turns the entire region mauve, making it a great place to take viral photos for the virtual universe. If you are also a music lover then look for photographic inspiration at one of the concerts organised in the middle of the lavender fields.

  • Santander Bay seen from Calle Lope de Vega, Santander

    Bay of Santander

    The Bay of Santander is part of the “Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World”. The photo you can take from the end of Calle Lope de Vega is like the perfect photo. It becomes even more impressive if a boat passes by at the same time or if the Peña Cabarga mountain has some snow on top. Good luck!

  • Nervión Waterfall

    Nervión Waterfall (Biscay-Álava-Burgos)

    This natural waterfall, with a drop of 270 metres, is the highest on the Iberian Peninsula. It is located between the Basque Country and Castile and Leon, and the photos you can take from here are stunning. It is best to visit when it is raining or when the snow is melting so that the waterfall has more water.

  • Corta Atalaya, Mines of Riotinto in Huelva

    Mines in Riotinto (Huelva)

    Visiting this place gives you the chance to take photographs with spectacularly colourful effects that will leave all of your followers speechless. Why? Because it is a mining park where the contrast between the ochre tones and the limestone rock creates textures that allow your imagination to soar to the Milky Way. Get your camera ready and enjoy the journey on board a 19th century train that travels across the entire mining area.

  • Tibidabo ferris wheel with Barcelona in the background

    Tibidabo (Barcelona)

    This view of Barcelona from up high is another of the classics that deserves a spot on this list. The ferris wheel at the Tibidabo theme park is really photogenic, whether during the day or lit up at night. Also, one of the city’s expansion projects, the Cerdá plan, resulted in a near-perfect grid system which can be clearly seen and photographed from up here.

  • Detail of the library ceiling at the El Escorial Monastery, Madrid

    El Escorial Library (Madrid)

    A true tribute to the Sistine Chapel just 50 kilometres from Madrid.  That is the impression you get when you see the El Escorial Monastery and you reach this room. The frescos are works by Italian painter and architect Pellegrino Tibaldi. The barrel vault is divided into seven sections dedicated to each of the liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, music, geometry and astrology. As well as the furniture in this historic library there are also other very attractive elements to take photos of such as astrolabes and globes. We recommend ignoring the time and having fun.

  • Elogio del Horizonte (Gijón)

    Elogio del Horizonte (Gijón)

    You will find this work by sculptor Eduardo Chillida on top of the Cerro Santa Catalina, between the beaches of San Lorenzo and Poniente. Despite its apparent simplicity, the 500 tonnes of concrete represent the union of the earth and sky and also the impression of a boundless horizon. The sound of the waves breaking against the cliffs just below the monument is a special experience. Taking a photo that captures all of these sensations together is a real challenge.   

  • Cuevona de Cuevas del Valle

    La Cuevona de Cuevas (Ribadesella, Asturias)

    A fairytale landscape that surprisingly leads into a natural cavity in the middle of the mountain. It is the only way to access the village of Cuevas in Asturias. The dim light, faint sound of water from the stream that passes through it, the strange eroded rock formations... It is about 300 metres long and we recommend walking through it so you can play with the light and snap away in search of the best shot.

  • Arribes del Duero Viewpoint

    Arribes del Duero (Zamora/Salamanca)

    The Duero is the widest river in Spain and it has created this canyon between the provinces of Salamanca and Zamora that is almost 100 kilometres long. Steep mountainous slopes of about 500 metres high are the inspiration for incredible photos if you are travelling by boat, for example. Another option to get views of this natural phenomenon is to travel by car through the towns with viewpoints such as El Fraile, Contrabando and Las Fallas.

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