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Tourist in Monfragüe, Extremadura

Ideas for enjoying nature in Extremadura in summer


A place that’s full of diversity and natural spaces awaits you in Extremadura. The region offers so many places for enjoying the summer with its valleys, rivers and reservoirs where you can refresh yourself and escape from the heat. We’re going to tell you about some of the best natural spaces for taking full advantage of the summer in Extremadura to inspire you and start you off on planning your trip.

  • Roman bridge at Garganta de Alardos, Extremadura

    La Vera

    This is one of the most visited parts of Extremadura, above all in summer, thanks to its many aquatic areas where you can escape from the heat and take a refreshing dip. The natural pools of Madrigal de la Vera are one of the highlights; here you can enjoy a swim just below a magnificent Roman bridge, one of the prettiest of those built to span the waters in this area. 

  • The natural monument of Los Barruecos in Malpartida de Cáceres, Extremadura

    Los Barruecos

    In Malpartida, in Cáceres, you’ll find a beautiful natural spot where water is the star of the show. This is a protected natural space with a very diverse flora and fauna, and some incredible geological formations, notably the huge granite rocks. As you explore the area, you’ll come across sculptures such as Wolf Vostell’s “Viaje de Hormigón por la Alta Extremdura” (the concrete trail through Alta Extremadura), and Neolithic and Megalithic archaeological remains. As you can see, in Los Barruecos you have lots of secrets waiting to be discovered, or if you prefer, why not go for a peacefully refreshing swim in its pools.

  • The town of Hervás and hiking the Chorrera de Hervás trail in Extremadura

    La Chorrera de Hervás

    Near the pretty village of Hervás in the heart of the Ambroz valley you’ll find a trail that will lead you to a spectacular 30-metre-high waterfall. A path that will take you through the shade of a thick forest of oak and chestnut trees with the sound of the Ambroz river to keep you company. After a while, the forest will open out before you to reveal a magnificent waterfall, and you’ll no doubt take a break to watch and listen to the tumbling water, for a few minutes at least.

  • Los Pilones at the Garganta de los Infiernos in the Jerte Valley, Extremadura

    La Garganta de los Infiernos

    In the heart of the Jerte valley, north of Cáceres, you’ll find this beautiful gorge, with its cascades and waterfalls, plus the occasional small natural swimming pool. Here you can see how the water has carved its way through the rock, creating lovely rounded shapes, creating a perfect spot where you can stop and cool off. And you mustn’t miss the pilones, a series of large, circular pools that are one of the best places for swimming in inland Spain.

  • Meandro del Melero, Extremadura

    Meandro del Melero or Riomalo de Abajo

    This is a very special place, an authentic whim of nature that interrupts the natural course of the Alagón river. Here, at a bend in the river, there’s a small peninsula where the vegetation is a particularly intense green. If you’re into hiking, you’ll have a great time here, as thanks to the thick vegetation and constant presence of water you’ll be able to walk without suffering from the high summer temperatures. And along the course of the river, it’s easy to find a good spot where you can cool off.

In Extremadura so many natural spaces await you, spaces where water is the star of the show. Perfect places where you can unwind and enjoy the best of the summer, escaping from the heat, and at the heart of the natural world.