Kayaking on the moat of the Royal Walls of Ceuta

Plans to enjoy in Ceuta


Due to Ceuta's particular geographical location, you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on the same coastline. Its 21 kilometres of seashore give you the opportunity to choose between two bays to sail, dive, practise water sports... In Ceuta, you can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine reflecting its mix of cultures, take a journey around its viewpoints, or try a fascinating cultural route. And the sea plays a starring role in all these experiences.

  • Left: Tourists kayaking on the moat of the Royal Walls / Centre: Diver on the seabed in Ceuta / Right: Couple kayaking at Ribera beach

    Kayaking and diving in Ceuta

    Would you like to discover the Royal Walls of Ceuta in a different way? Did you know they have the only navigable moat in Europe? If you visit by kayak, you can enter the walls from the sea, travel around the Royal Moat and see its surprisingly clear waters. You can choose whether to rent a kayak and go at your own pace, or to take a trip with a guide. Moreover, during the summer months, you can take these trips in the evening, allowing you to have this experience at night and watch an amazing sunset over the Strait of Gibraltar. If you'd prefer to dive and search for the gardens of gorgonias, coral banks and different aquatic species, you'll find about twenty diving spots fairly close together, which range from 12 metres to 40 metres deep. 

  • View of Punta Almina, Desnarigado cove and the military museum in Ceuta

    Ceuta by tourist boat

    El Desnarigado is a tourist boat that takes you along the coastline of Ceuta, teaching you about the history of the fortresses and defence systems of the city at the same time. The journey starts at the Muelle de España dock, crosses the Royal Walls moat and travels to the southern bay. Among other spots, it passes through Ribera beach and Sarchal cove, where there is an 18th-century stronghold once used as a women's prison. After that, it reaches Desnarigado cove, from which you can see the castle of the same name, turned into a military museum, and the slopes of Monte Hacho mountain. If the sea allows, the boat continues around Punta Almina to enter the port via the estuary. When this is not possible, the boat travels back to the starting point. The tourist boat sets sail every day and the journey lasts approximately 45 minutes.

  • View of the Mediterranean Maritime Park in Ceuta

    A cultural route

    You can also enjoy Ceuta in other ways. A visit to the idyllic Mediterranean Maritime Park, designed by César Manrique, or a cultural route to see its main monuments, like the Cathedral, the Royal Walls or Califal port are just some of the options.The Arab baths built between the 12th and 13th centuries are also worth a visit, as are the museums in which the sea again plays a starring role, such as the Fundación Museo del Mar museum, with an exhibition of historic photographs of the port.

  • Details of bonito and flying fish drying in the sun in Ceuta

    Local cuisine with flavours of the sea

    Mediterranean towns are known for their healthy, tasty diet. Ceuta is no exception. The mixture of cultures has resulted in an original, flavourful cuisine, in which fresh products from the sea are the main attraction.Bonito is one of the most famous, with recipes like the "volaor" salad or pastel de bonito. In the coldest months, you can sample the frigate mackerel stew, and you mustn't miss the salted fish, such as boquerones in vinegar, at any time of year, as they are an essential part of Ceuta cuisine.What else should you try? Langoustines, clams, calamari, cuttlefish... If you want to go for tapas to try all these delicacies, you can visit the restaurants near Ribera beach.

  • View of the mountain known as the Dead Woman in Ceuta

    The best views

    If you venture a little further from the seashore, you can see the incredible landscapes Ceuta has to offer from its viewpoints, always with the sea as the backdrop.One option is to plan a route by car around the Monte Hacho mountain area until you reach the Punta Almina viewpoint to look at its beautiful set of cliffs and see how the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean come together. Barely 100 metres away from here is the viewpoint over Punta del Desnarigado, and at the foot is a castle, construction of which began in the 19th century. You can also see the impressive Monte Hacho Fort.Another viewpoint you can't miss, and which is also very close by, is the Mirador de San Antonio, which offers views of the city, the port and both bays.Another tour takes you to the viewpoints at Campo Exterior, where you can see the 840 m high mountain known as "the dead woman", among other sights. You can also visit the Benzú viewpoint, with views of the Rock of Gibraltar, or the Isabel II viewpoint, which provides the best views of the city. 

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