Teatro de la Comedia theatre


The headquarters of the National Classical Theatre Company in Madrid. It is reopening in October 2015 after undergoing renovation work which had kept it closed since 2002.

It is situated in the well-known Las Letras quarter in Madrid, very close to the Teatro Español theatre. Many of the best classics from the Spanish Golden Age and by writers such as Jacinto Benavente and Benito Pérez Galdós have been premiered here. The current renovation work was designed by architects Araujo and Nadal. Spaces have been recovered and new facilities have been created, like a floor for performances and rehearsals. It was opened in September 1875. The bronze sculptures in the foyer and the structure with twelve boxes date back to that period. Interestingly, the architect did not design the dressing rooms because he considered that the comedy actors got dressed at home. It was partially destroyed by a fire in 1915 but reopened a few months later. The theatre has been the headquarters of the National Classical Theatre Company since 1986.

Teatro de la Comedia theatre

Calle del Príncipe, 14

28012  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

Email:teatro.clasico@inaem.mcu.es Tel.:+34 915327927 Website:http://teatroclasico.mcu.es
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