View of the Monastery of Guadalupe

Royal Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe


An outstanding monument

The building stands on the site where the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd. The monastery complex has four parts: the temple-basilica, the auditorium building, the Mudejar cloister and the Gothic cloister. It is in the Gothic-Mudejar style and is flanked by eight towers, of which the Santa Ana and Portería towers are of particular note. 

The altarpiece at the high altar is extremely beautiful and is made of wood. The high altar sacrarium was originally a desk which belonged to Philip II in the 16th century. The choir stalls, from the 18th century, are comprised of two tiers and are beautifully designed. The sacristy is profusely decorated. The chapel of San Jerónimo houses one of the most important works by Zurbarán, “The Apotheosis of Saint Jerome”. In 1997 it was declared to be one of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also home to the Embroidery Museum, an important collection of illuminated books and another collection of paintings by Zurbarán.

Royal Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Plaza Su Majestad Juan Carlos I, s/n

10140  Guadalupe, Cáceres  (Extremadura)

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