CaesaraugustaTheatre Museum


In 2002, construction work began on a museum that traces the history and importance of one Zaragoza's best-preserved monuments.

The Roman theatre was discovered in 1972. It was built in the 1st century and underwent many modifications over the centuries. In the 16th century, the House of Zaporta Gabriel was built on the site. The house was renovated in 1868 to take on the 19th century aspect of the building that houses the museum today. The ground floor offers visitors panoramic views illustrating the historical evolution of the theatre site and a summary of the archaeological excavations made. The basement houses an audiovisual display, models, stage sets and a three-dimensional recreation of the theatre. The visit includes entry to the monument itself, including the pulpitum or wooden stage. Lastly, on the first floor, the museum has an audiovisual representation of Roman theatre, including its genres, authors, etc. In addition, aspects of the different cultures that have occupied the theatre site can be seen in recreations of several domestic environments from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian periods.  

CaesaraugustaTheatre Museum

Calle San Jorge, 12

50003  Zaragoza  (Aragón)

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