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Steps in Montjuic Park, Barcelona

Montjuic Park


Throughout the 20th century, this harsh, craggy and wooded scrubland just outside Barcelona has been transformed into an enormous complex of 250 hectares containing numerous pavilions –some as distinctive as the one by Mies Van der Rohe; palaces, such as the National; buildings such as the Miró Foundation or the facilities and constructions in the Olympic Ring which are a legacy of the 1992 Olympics. They are all surrounded by a constellation of gardens in different appearances and styles which highlight, frame and flow through and around each building. Gardens such as the Laribal Gardens, the Font del Gat, La Rosaleda or the Amargós Gardens, the work of architects, landscape designers and gardeners such as J.C.N. Forestier, Nicolás María Rubió i Tudurí or more recently, Ricardo Bofill and Santiago Calatrava.

Montjuic Park

Pg Migdia, 147

08038  Barcelona  (Catalonia)

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