Monastery of San Juan de Duero

Monastery of San Juan de Duero


A fine example of medieval Christian architecture

A significant example of Romanesque architecture.

The monastery, in the Romanesque style, consists of a single nave with a wooden roof, semicircular apse, and a pointed barrel vault. From the 12th century it belonged to the Knights Hospitaller of Jerusalem, until it was abandoned in the 18th century. The 12th century church and the 13th cloister, with Gothic and Mudéjar elements, are still standing.The arcades combine the various architectural styles current in Spain at the time: late Romanesque, early Gothic, and especially, Islamic tracery. These arches are criss-crossed to achieve a beautiful visual effect. Inside the church there is a display of items from Jewish, Islamic and Christian cultures.

Monastery of San Juan de Duero

Plaza de las Ánimas, s/n.

42004  Soria  (Castilla y Leon)

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