Hospital del Rey (Burgos)


It was founded by King Alfonso VIII in the 12th century to attend to pilgrims on the St James’ Way. It was guarded by the abbess of the Monastery of Las Huelgas. It was originally in the Cistercian style but was later renovated at the request of Carlos I. A stand-out feature is the Romanos door in Plateresque style, through which the Faculty of Law and the rectorate of the University of Burgos are accessed. Other interesting details inside the church are the wooden doors with Jacobean motifs from the 16th century. Among these images is a pilgrim breastfeeding her child while walking.

Hospital del Rey (Burgos)

Plaza Sobrado, s/n.

09002  Burgos  (Castilla y Leon) Tel.:+34 947288874 Tel.:+34 947203125 Website:
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