Grutas de Cristal Caves in Molinos



A wonderful underground landscape in the Bajo Aragón region

The Cultural Park in Molinos reflects the combined action of nature and mankind in the course of time.

Discovered in 1961 and declared a Natural Monument, the complex is a karstic system consisting of a network of very peculiarly shaped chambers and underground galleries, which connect to the outside via the Graderas Caves, Grutas de Cristal Caves and Baticambras Caves. This is a place of great geological interest, with a great variety of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and water curtains, as well as helictites. Another highlight is the abundance of fossil fauna, most importantly the jaw discovered of the "Molinos man", the oldest hominid in Aragon, at more than 25,000 years. The fauna should also me mentioned, Baticambras Cave being home to several species of chiropters such as bats.

Grutas de Cristal Caves in Molinos

Grutas de Cristal Caves

Acceso desde la Carretera Nacional N-211, con dirección a la localidad de Molinos.

44556  Molinos, Teruel  (Aragón) Tel.:+34 978849085