Albarracín Diocesan Museum


A collection of religious art

It is located in the old, noble rooms of the Episcopal Palace, adjacent to the Cathedral.

The museum has interesting pieces of religious art, including painting, sculpture, precious metalwork and musical instruments, as well as textiles from the 14th-18th centuries. Outstanding among them is an ensemble of Flemish tapestries that relate the story of Gideon, and a 14th-century processional cross, as well as a collection of chalices. On your visit you also have access to the old private rooms of the Bishop of Albarracín, interesting for their austerity. From the balconies of these rooms there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Albarracín Diocesan Museum

Plaza del Palacio, s/n.

44100  Albarracín, Teruel  (Aragón)