Kurutziaga Cross


Also known as Durango Calvary, it is situated in the Kurutzesantu Museum. It represents a Calvary of unusual proportions, with social, religious and allegorical connotations. It a monument that is 4.3 metres high. The base is a polygonal plinth and the serpent of paradise is coiled around the upright. Another relief shows the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and on the other two sides we can see Eve's Temptation and Adam's Sin. The upper part of the tambour bears images of the Apostles. The cross is at the top, depicting on one side Calvary with Jesus on the cross, Mary and John; and on the other side, Mary holding Baby Jesus, between Saint Catherine and Saint Agatha.

Kurutziaga Cross

Calle Kurutziaga, 38

48200  Durango, Bizkaia  (Basque Country) Tel.:+34 946033938
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