Church of Santa María de Uribarri


The building was founded in mediaeval times. Today's church features two built monuments - one Gothic-Renaissance, of which there remain the sanctuary, three pointed window openings, the star-shaped vault, the tower and the choir stalls. The Baroque-Classicist monument features cruciform and Corinthian interior pilasters. The church has three naves, the central one being higher and wider than the side ones, finished with a polygonal apse and covered by a vault decorated with star motifs. The side naves are covered with a simple cross vault. The front portal houses an austerely-designed Classicist architectural portico. The other access point is through the Epistle side and is protected under a wooden portico. Highlights of the interior include a main altarpiece by the sculptor Martín Ruíz de Zubiate.

Church of Santa María de Uribarri

Calle Kanpantorrosteta, 9

48200  Durango, Bizkaia  (Basque Country)

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