Landscape on the Jerez Sherry Route

Wine and brandy routes in the Marco de Jerez Region


To the south of Spain lies the region of Marco de Jerez, a land with a deep-rooted winemaking tradition and enormous sightseeing potential. A visiting to his region will let you sample the rich variety of its wines. They range from dry sherries like Fino and Manzanilla to naturally sweet dessert wines such as Moscatel. Its natural surroundings, its culture, its cuisine and its facilities for conducting business or relaxing add to the region's attractions.

Association of Sherry and Brandy Routes in the Marco de Jerez Region

Avenida Alcalde Álvaro Domecq 2

11402 Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz (Andalusia)

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Wine towns

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What are the wines like?

Dry and sweet sherries and dessert wines. These are the wines that Jerez has to offer. Sherry is produced by the full fermentation of the grapes, with varieties including Fino or Oloroso. The local dessert wines, made from overripe grapes, include Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel. The Designation of Origin Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda is a fortified wine or sherry which starts off as dry and then turns sweet on the palate.

What I can find

There are traditional festivities, such as Easter in Seville, others full of wit and imagination like Carnival in Cadiz, and some featuring horses, such as the Jerez Horse Fair and horse racing on the beach in Sanlúcar.There are also business centres for holding meetings with the best facilities.  You can relax by practising sport at top quality golf courses.  Beautiful, protected green spaces include Doñana National Park and Los Alcornocales Nature Reserve.  The region’s delicious cuisine is characterised by dishes such as pescaíto frito (fried fish).  For more information enquire at any of the tourist offices. 

How to get here

The Marco de Jerez region is a strategic transport hub with connections throughout southern Spain, in the region of Andalusia. It has a direct connection with Jerez International Airport and easy access from Seville and Málaga by road (A-4 from Seville and A-7 from Málaga). You can also reach the cities of Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real and Lebrija by train. Some towns on the Route also have recreational marinas offering unique boat trips on the Bay of Cadiz, such as "Vaporcito de El Puerto de Santa María". Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Rota and Chiclana are some of the most noteworthy towns on this route. They boast more than 3,200 hours of sunshine per year. This, combined with the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, the properties of the soil and the region's characteristic winds guarantee perfect ripening of the grapes through to the moment of the harvest. These are charming towns with long-standing traditions, as can be seen in the equestrian art of Jerez and at the bullrings of El Puerto de Santa María, Jerez and Sanlúcar. Use the map on this page to see all the destinations that form part of these Wine and Brandy Routes.