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Muniellos forest in Cangas de Narcea

Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias Nature Reserve


The habitat of the brown bear and capercaillie

Apart from the great landscape beauty of the Reserve, its most important feature is its unique species of fauna, that are almost mythical, such as the brown bear, capercaillie and wolf.

The Reserve is formed by the high basins of the river Ibias and Narea, and closed to the south by sierra de Degaña, and the north by that of Caniellas. Inside you can find the Reserves of Muniellos and Cueto de Arbás, habitats where different populations of brown bear and capercaillies are protected. Other outstanding species are the peregrine falcon, partridge, Pyrenean muskrat, grey dormouse; as well as the roe deer, wild boar, wild cat and martens.

Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias Nature Reserve

Cangas del Narcea, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)

Asturias (Principality of Asturias):

Cangas del Narcea. Degaña.

Useful information

What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    In the nearby town you will find a rich monumental heritage. Cangas de Narcea, for example, is noted for its Parish Church, Omaña Palace and Queipo de Llano Palace.

  • Environmental information

    It is made up of the high basins of the rivers Narcea and Ibias. The predominant vegetation is the beech tree grove, which in some areas is replaced by birches and oak groves. Its great biological importance lies in the fact it is an exceptional habitat for the brown bear and capercaillie.

  • Information for visits

    Access to the Nature Park is via Vega de Rengos. The Nature Park includes the Reserves of Muniellos and Cueto de Arbás, with limited access. Visitor Centre. Address: Pza. Luis Álvarez, 17. Cangas del Narcea, 33800.