Cabrera Archipelago National Park

Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park


Poseidon's blue oasis

One hour by boat from the island of Mallorca, the Cabrera Archipelago will surprise you. This oasis has one of the best-preserved examples of marine life in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea Its almost untouched coastline hosts a wealth of species native to the Balearic Islands. You will discover a peaceful blue paradise, where time seems to stand still.

Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park

South of the island of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands.

Cabrera  (Balearic Islands)

Majorca (Balearic Islands):

Calle Gabriel Roca, s/n. esquina Plaza Es Dolç

07638  Colónia de Sant Jordi, Ses Salines, Majorca  (Balearic Islands)

Tel.:+34 971 656 282 Website:Visitor centre website

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    The park is spread across the 19 islands and islets that form the Cabrera archipelago. Cabrera island stands out as the largest of them. Replete with coves, cliffs, and a few small beaches, its jagged coastline is the reason its natural beauty remains almost untouched. Here, thick scrubland dominates the landscape with juniper and mastic bushes and a few Aleppo pines. This vegetation provides cover for the local wildlife, in particular the birds who nest or migrate on Cabrera throughout the whole year. The park's real treasure is found in its immense coastlines. Almost-clear waters sparkle around the archipelago. They trickle into the grottos and caves under the rocks, carving out fascinating formations like the one at the Laguna Azul or Blue Lagoon, one of the park's major attractions.The water is also home to vast underwater meadows of seagrass or Posidonia Oceanica. Only present in the Mediterranean, this plant is responsible for Cabrera's aquatic ecosystem. Fish and crustaceans feed on the rich seagrass, sharing the habitat with the other incredible marine life on the sea bed. Corals and algae welcome you to their unique underwater landscape.

  • Routes around the Park

    The only way to reach Cabrera is by boat from the island of Mallorca. Public transport will drop you at the park's only wharf: Cabrera Port. You can also make your own way by private boat, but you will need to request prior permission from the authorities.When you disembark, you will find eight self-guided routes around the island. They are not particularly long because Cabrera is not large. It is, however, a good idea to take precautions in the heat and the sun, particularly in the spring and summer months.Map of the Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park

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    Discover the view of the bay from Cabrera Castle. This 16th-century building has long had the best views on the island. From there, you can take in the impressive view extending out in front of you, and marvel at the contrasting greens of the vegetation and blue of the sea. Our advice: make sure you get up early on Cabrera so that you can enjoy its magnificent sunrises.A pair of fins and a mask are all the equipment you need to discover the park's seabed. Get ready for this unique experience and discover its impressive underwater wildlife.Jump in at Sa Cova Blava, the blue cave, where the light and the blue Cabrera waters combine to create a unique environment. Only accessible by sea, this is a wonderful place to take the plunge and create an indelible memory of its waters.

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