L'Aquàrium in Barcelona


Its 14 aquariums represent the different Mediterranean areas with all their most characteristic species. This is an opportunity to see recreations of the Ebro Delta and the Medas Islands and marvel as you walk through a methacrylate tunnel 80 metres long under the Oceanarium, where you'll have the sensation of swimming among the sharks.

The Oceanarium is the largest aquarium in L'Aquàrium in Barcelona, and houses species as diverse as giltheads, moray eels, moonfish, manta rays and two types of shark: the bull shark and the sandbar shark, who are the real stars of the L'Aquàrium in Barcelona. Visitors will also find tropical aquariums (with spectacular coral reefs), as well as themed and interactive aquariums. The second floor is home to Planeta Aqua, and features a number of creatures that have adapted to a wide range of conditions in the marine world: glacial cold, the darkness of the abyss, the warmth of tropical waters… Younger visitors can enjoy the ¡Explora! children's area, with over 50 interactive exhibits to touch, see, hear, investigate and discover nature in three different settings on the Mediterranean coast: the marshes in the Ebro Delta, a corner of the Costa Brava and an underwater cave in the Medas Islands.  

L'Aquàrium in Barcelona

Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, s/n

08039  Barcelona  (Catalonia)

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