Reflection in the window of a luxury shop in Madrid

Where to go luxury shopping in Madrid


If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind shops in Spain, Madrid is one of the best destinations you could choose. The Spanish capital has streets full of luxury stores that will captivate lovers of fashion, the latest trends, and so much more. So explore, and discover Madrid’s most exclusive shopping experience.

The Salamanca district: the centre of luxury in Madrid

Located near to such iconic landmarks as El Retiro Park, Salamanca is one of Spain’s most exclusive districts. Known worldwide as the Golden Mile, this neighbourhood is a benchmark for fashion and haute couture. Lose yourself in its elegant streets, and discover countless unforgettable fashion boutiques, incredible aristocratic façades, and palatial mansions converted into stunning homes. While it’s true that all the streets in the Salamanca district exude class and elegance, Calle Serrano is the most well-known. The street begins at Puerta de Alcalá, a neo-classical monument that is a must-see on any visit to Madrid. Once you’ve seen the monument, take a stroll down this gorgeous street and lap up the glamour of the city’s most splendid shops. Clothes, jewellery, shoes, accessories and even car showrooms affordable to the very few: an endless array of luxury goods that will have you walking the length of this three-kilometre street without even realising!

Detail of the Loewe boutique in Calle Serrano, Madrid

There are also several other streets that are part of this area, including Calle de Velázquez, Calle de Juan Bravo and Calle de José Ortega y Gasset. The latter is also known as “Calle de Lista”, and crosses the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca, named after the man who built the district. If you’d like to go shopping in Madrid enjoy an exceptional setting and treat yourself, check out these world famous streets that are overflowing with luxury international brands.

Shopping centres in Madrid with exclusive brands

Another reason why Madrid is well-known as a luxury destination is its shopping centres packed with exceptional shops. For example, in the prestigious area of La Moraleja you’ll find a shopping centre with more than 80 different stores, including some of most renowned brands in the world of fashion. What’s more, you’ll find Galería Canalejas right in the centre of the city. Just a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol, this shopping centre is an iconic location for haute cuisine in Madrid. It’s built on seven renovated historic buildings, so if you come and visit, you can enjoy art and culture as well as a unique shopping experience.

Entrance to Galería Canalejas in Madrid, Region of Madrid

Las Rozas Village

And finally, if you’re looking for exclusive products at affordable prices, be sure to visit Las Rozas Village. Just half an hour from Madrid, this outlet offers unbeatable discounts on more than 100 brands. These are just some of the places that demonstrate Madrid’s position as one of the best shopping destinations in Spain. How would you like to discover this unique city while you explore its most magnificent shopping centres?

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