Recipe for summer in Spain: cool drinks


Recipe for summer in Spain: cool drinks

It’s summer again, and you decide to arrange a trip to Spain. You’ve made a great choice: you can expect lovely weather, guaranteed sunshine and several days to discover delicious Spanish cuisine. And to accompany your dishes, what better than some of the cooling drinks that are typically served at this time of year, and are staples of the Spanish summer? Here are a few suggestions for drinks to order when you're in Spain:

With meals:

A great way to accompany your lunches and dinners is with “tinto de verano” (“summer red wine”), a popular Spanish drink combining red wine with fizzy lemonade. Other options include a delicious jug of sangria, with red wine, chopped fruit, sugar and – depending on the area and the bar – a few special touches such as cinnamon or rum. And if you like the idea of combining wine with other drinks, a favourite with young people is what they call “calimocho” –red wine mixed with cola. Beer lovers should try a “clara”, the Spanish take on shandy – beer with fizzy lemonade, served ice cold. The ideal way to enjoy all these drinks is sitting outdoors at one of the terraces that many Spanish bars and restaurants set up as the good weather arrives (many of them right by the beach).

Jug of sangría

After meals

What better to round off a really good meal than a refreshing drink to recharge your batteries. Why not try a typical iced coffee? All you do is add sugar to the hot coffee and then pour it into the glass full of ice with which it is served. Another suggestion? Cream of orujo (a type of brandy) or pacharán (sloe liqueur) over ice. Delicious.

Iced coffee

For all ages

if you prefer alcohol-free drinks there’s also a wide range of options. One favourite with young and old alike, and very popular all over Spain (particularly in the Region of Valencia) is the creamy drink known as horchata, which is made with water, sugar and tiger nuts. You’ll love the taste, particularly if you drink it accompanied by the long sweet pastries known as fartones, a traditional complement to this drink. And of course you have to try the sorbets, granizados (slushies), fruit juices, lemonade, and leche merengada, a drink made of milk, sugar, eggs, lemon and cinnamon, served ice cold, which is an instant hit with everyone who tries it.


All over Spain

As well as all the drinks mentioned above, many areas in Spain have their own special drinks which are ideally suited to the hottest months of the year. Here are a couple of examples to whet your appetite: Valencia water, made with orange juice and cava; and a rebujito, a drink from Andalusia combining dry sherry and fizzy lemonade. The food’s on the table… just choose your drink!

Valencia water
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