Lorca Castle

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Unusual places and activities

Thanks to its history and the different cultures which have passed through the region over the centuries, Murcia has a diverse heritage. Some of these spaces and places can be enjoyed in unique ways.   

Lorca Castle

From the top of its hill, the castle offers sweeping views of the historic city of Lorca and its surroundings. This 13th century Arab citadel has been restored and remodelled to become a themed cultural centre, The Fortress of the Sun, where you can visit the castle and also enjoy exhibitions, workshops, shows and cultural activities.

Mining Park of La Unión

This complex, at the foot of the Sierra de Cartagena-La Unión, displays a large part of Murcia’s industrial heritage. Visiting these restored 19th century mines, you can see how the mining industry impacted the region, and what mining was like in that era. The tour of the Mining Park includes a visit to the mine “Agrupa Vicenta”, one of Europe’s largest mines open to the public. With its huge galleries, its vaults over eight metres high, and its red underground lake, it is an imposing experience. This is also one of the locations for the famous music festival, Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas.   

Photos of the Mining Park of La Unión

Cave houses near Nogalte castle

In the town of Puerto Lumbreras we find the medieval Islamic Nogalte castle, and nearby, the cave houses. This cave complex was lived in for centuries, and there are now themed spaces which can be visited. A guided tour is available for the area around the castle, stopping in the different cave houses, which talks about the history of the Islamic fortress, what everyday life was like in the cave houses, the traditional crafts and the culture of water in the area.

The Black Cave of Fortuna

Another curious cave is on the outskirts of the town of Fortuna. This is the Black Cave, a Roman-era sanctuary and notable as the only site in Europe to conserve “tituli picti” cave paintings (Latin inscriptions in red paint). The texts in the Black Cave are verses from Virgil’s Aeneid.

Nogalte Castle and Cave Houses
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