Cavalleria lighthouse, Menorca

The Menorca lighthouses route


Some of the most spectacular lighthouses on the Mediterranean

A good way to enjoy nature and the unforgettable sunsets of this island is to visit any of its lighthouses. They are usually perched on top of cliffs, with thrilling views, making for magic moments you’ll never forget. Here we suggest five of the most beautiful of these guardians of the island. Scattered all along the coast, they are ideal places to appreciate the contrast between the wilder, rocky landscapes of the north and the pine woods and fine sand beaches of the south. They are all easy to reach by car, bicycle, or even on foot. There is a special calm around these places.

Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse

Near Ciutadella, around a 20 minute drive towards the south, stands this lighthouse in classic nautical style with a black and white striped tower. Where the lighthouse-keeper once lived there is now a restaurant, which is a great spot for a drink or a meal while you watch a spectacular sunset. On a clear day, you can see the town of Capdepera, on the island of Mallorca. Definitely a great place to visit and even better for taking photos.

Punta Nati Lighthouse

We’re going to the north-west part of the island, just six kilometres from Ciutadella. The landscape is completely different here. The north wind dries out the terrain, giving it an arid, even lunar appearance. At the end of a narrow road flanked by low stone walls which seem to stretch on for ever, the lighthouse rises serenely. It was built after the tragic wreck of the steamship General Chanzy in 1910. Many people choose this place to see the sunset and try to spot the island of Mallorca, or wait until night to see the starry skies far from the lights of any town. If you like hiking, this is a point on the historic Camí de Cavalls footpath which circles the island.

Punta Nati Lighthouse, Menorca

Cavalleria Lighthouse

Now we come to Menorca’s oldest lighthouse, built in 1857, on a spot where the rough seas of this coast had caused over 700 shipwrecks since the 14th century. It’s also the furthest north, and the cliffs rising nearly 100 metres above the sea make for a breathtaking view. The islet you can see from here is Illa des Porros. There is also a surprise in this lighthouse: you can go inside and see a visitors’ centre on the lighthouses of Menorca. Once in the north of the island, you can take the opportunity to visit pretty villages like Fornells.

Favaritx Lighthouse

A little over half an hour’s drive from Maó (the island’s capital), after the fabulous scenery of S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park, you can spot the black line that spirals up the white tower of this unique Menorca lighthouse, built in 1922. The amazing landscape of black rocks is unlike anywhere else on the island, and travellers who arrive here often feel as if they were in a dream. After visiting the area around the lighthouse, you can spend some time relaxing in one of the beautiful coves nearby, such as Cala Presili.

Favaritx Lighthouse, Menorca
Cabo Favaritx lighthouse, Menorca

Illa de l'Aire lighthouse

The last suggestion is a little different, as this lighthouse is on an uninhabited islet to the south-east of Menorca and visitors are not allowed there. But this just adds to its air of mystery. You can see the lighthouse and imagine its stories from a boat, or from Punta Prima beach. Nearby there is another place worth visiting: Binibeca Vell, built in the style of a fishing village.