Grape harvest festival in Jerez de la Frontera

Come and experience the wine festivals in Andalusia


The end of the summer is when the grape harvest and wine production begin. This task has become a celebration in many parts of Spain, such as Andalusia, where you can enjoy some of Spain’s oldest wine festivals.

In Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, wine and sherry are enjoyed alongside music and horse parades. Here, the Wine Harvest Fairs are the main event of the Autumn Festivals, which have been declared Festivals of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. During the first half of September, you can taste sherries and wines from Jerez at the Wine Harvest Festival, do some flamenco dancing at the Bulería Festival and enjoy parades and elegant dressage shows.In the first week of September, you can find festivals in Montilla-Moriles, Cordoba. Every year they appoint an honorary master of ceremonies, usually someone from the world of politics or the media, who will use their influence to promote the wines of the region. Here you can enjoy wine and music at La Cata Flamenca Festival. You can also see the old way of doing things in the Destreza en el Oficio competition. Participants demonstrate their knowledge of the region's wines and show off their skills with traditional wine-makers’ tools.

Pedro Ximenez vineyards in Montilla-Moriles, Andalusia

In Mollina, Málaga, during the first week of September wine and literature go hand in hand. The most highly anticipated part of the event is the inaugural address, which is usually read by a key figure from the world of literature. Highlights include a poetry competition and the 'ribbon race', a medieval competition where riders have to spear rings hanging from a string. It's a true demonstration of skill.Andalusia is a land of wine, but the grape harvest is also a time for fun and festivities. 

Festivals in the streets of Malaga
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