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The beaches with the calmest waters for paddleboarding are in Spain


When the holiday season comes around, it’s time to think about doing something new, for example take to the water on a paddleboard and leave all the stresses and strains of everyday life way behind you.Standup paddleboarding is all the rage, so it’s impossible not to start thinking about a trip to the coast, to Spain where there are so many beaches it’s hard to settle for just one of them. If you still haven't decided where to go, don't worry, read on and discover some of the calmest beaches and coves for paddleboarding, and get ready to work on your technique. Paradise is waiting for you.

Cala Vella, Balearic Islands

Cala Vella is in Llucmajor, a municipality and town in Mallorca (the Balearic Islands). This cove is very popular with paddleboard enthusiasts and is considered to be an ideal spot for water sports, because the only way to reach it is by sea. Calm waters and stunning natural beauty. With no crowds, and cliffs that look like something from a film set, this is an ideal place to immerse yourself in pristine nature. There are no beach bars here, so for company you have just the gentle splash of waves on sand inviting you to go for a swim.

Llucmajor, Majorca

Los Lances, Cádiz

The Los Lances beach is situated in the municipality of Tarifa in the Campo de Gibraltar region in Andalusia. A seven kilometre stretch of beach where you can put your more adventurous side in the driving seat as its perfect for paddleboarding, windsurfing and even kite surfing. Here you'll find experienced instructors who’ll soon have you ploughing through the waters like never before. If you have some time left, you can always visit the Estrecho Natural Park, a beautiful protected area that forms part of the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean.

Llos Lances beach in Tarifa. Andalusia

Oyambre, Cantabria

The Oyambre beach is located near the mouth of the Ría de la Rabia, on the west coast of Cantabria. To get down to the water you need to walk through an area of sand dunes that have been perfectly preserved. After a short easy walk, you’ll reach the water’s edge and step into the ocean, gradually leaving the cares of the world behind you and looking back to see how the blues and greens make for a perfect mix of waves, cliffs and forest. Just for you.

Three people enjoying paddle boarding at sunset

Torimbia, Asturias

If there's one place where you can enjoy paddleboarding in peace and quiet, it has to be in Asturias. You can reach the nudist beach of Torimbia, via Niembro; it’s a place that has been classified as a Protected Landscape of the East Coast. A beach that curves round to form a perfect half-moon of fine white sand. Thanks to the surrounding cliffs, the crystalline waters are calm and there are no big waves. This has made the beach a perfect location for paddleboarding with the kids, as here they can swim in complete safety. 

Torimbia beach, Asturias

Medas Islands, Catalonia

As well as being one of the most popular places for scuba-diving, the Medas Islands also provide opportunities for doing all sorts of other watersports. There are seven islands, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean. All you need to do is to choose which one to start off with: Medellot, Meda Petita, Ferrenellas, Tascons Gross, Tascons Petits or Carall Bernat.If you've always thought that the best beaches were in the Caribbean, then it's because you haven't yet visited the Costa Brava in Catalonia. The beaches here are authentic natural wonders with an incredible diversity of marine flora and fauna, such as red coral. Immerse yourself in a world of new sensations, a refreshing adventure on the most peaceful beaches in Spain awaits you. How does that sound?

Man on a paddleboard
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