Landing during the Viking Procession in Catoira

Viking Pilgrimage

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Every first Sunday in August, the inhabitants of Catoira act out a unique show portraying the Viking invasions suffered a thousand years ago.

Thousands of people flock to this town in Galicia every year on the first Sunday in August to attend this fun festival. Since 1960, the inhabitants of Catoira, dressed as Viking warriors, recreate a pirate attack on the town.

The festival starts at 10 am with folk music on the streets of Catoira and at the place where the main event is held the Torres del Oeste. This is a 9th-century fortified compound (one of the most important archaeological and historical heritage sites in Galicia, which resisted military attacks for centuries), with the remains of two towers and a shrine dedicated to Saint James the Apostle. Here a medieval market is set up, and at midday, the "vikings" are given mussels and wine from Ulla.Later on comes the dramatic high point: the landing. The northern invaders, on a replica 11th-century Viking ship, arrive to capture the Torres del Oeste. The townspeople try to resist, and then a simulated battle occurs in which the participants end up being completely soaked in wine. After the battle, everyone enjoys a rustic meal of fellowship, accompanied by the sound of traditional bagpipes and local foods such as octopus, grilled sardines, empanadas, etc. The fun continues into the night with an outdoor dance, and there are other activities, such as literary proclamations and theatrical performances.


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Viking Pilgrimage

Catoira, Pontevedra  (Galicia)