Traditional fiesta of the Carnival Bullfights in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca, Castilla y León)

Traditional fiesta of the carnival bullfights

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

This carnival is closely related to the world of bullfighting.

During these fiestas, the inhabitants of Ciudad Rodrigo live for bullfights. Running of the bulls, capeas, returning of the bulls and novilladas form the central focus of this unique Carnival. The festival starts long before. As they say there: “Carnival comes with San Sebastián”. The capeas or bloodless bullfights are as important as the running of the bulls and the novilladas, bullfights with young bulls. There is an institution called “Bolsín Taurino” whose mission is to seek out promising talents among the maletillas (young people who aspire to be bullfighters). They have reinstated the running of the bulls led by riders on horseback and there is a “Peña del Caballo” or horse club. The running of the bulls is very exciting, as dances are held along the route, which are interrupted when the bull appears.


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Traditional fiesta of the carnival bullfights

Ciudad-Rodrigo, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca  (Castilla y Leon)

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