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Fish and seafood grill


  • 材料

    Ingredients: Olive oil langoustines Norway lobsters clams 1 lemon salt fish (whichever one you like)

  • 作り方

    Wash the fish and season it with salt. Put it in a dish with a good dash of raw oil. Heat the griddle to a medium temperature so the fish will be done but not well cooked. However, when you are going to put the fish in, increase the heat for six or seven minutes. Then lower it so the fish does not burn and do it for about six minutes on either side. Then remove the fish from the griddle and put it in serving dishes. Clean the griddle. Open the Norway lobsters along the middle from head to tail so they remain whole. Add salt and a little raw oil and put them on the griddle resting on the cut part, so the flesh heals it over. Leave for 4 minutes and then turn over. Put some drops of oil and the juice of half a lemon on top of the Norway lobsters, keep them cooking for four more minutes and put them in the serving dishes. Clean the griddle again and put in the langoustines, with the juice of the other half of the lemon poured over them. Keep them there for three or four minutes and then turn over. Then take them out and put them in the serving dishes. Wash the clams well and open them with steam. When they are open put them in the serving dishes and pour stock from the clams over the top.