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Tourist looking at a waterfall in Rupit, Barcelona

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain are to be found in Catalonia


Natural swimming pools, crystal clear waters, waterfalls, water that gushes out from rocks everywhere. Read on and discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Catalonia, a route that’s refreshing in every way. 

  • View of the Salt de Sallent, Rupit

    1. Salt de Sallent, the highest waterfall in Catalonia

    Located in the municipality of Rupit in the Osona area, the Salt de Sallent is an impressive plunge waterfall that will take your breath away. Over a hundred metres high, each year it becomes a real paradise for lovers of canyoning.Get ready to go on one of the most spectacular excursions in the area. Cross hanging bridges, pass by the Fuente de Carraguell, discover the hermitage of Sant Joan de Fàbregues with its views over the Sau reservoir, and finally walk through a landscape of crystal clear streams, and green forests before arriving at the highest waterfall in the region.

  • Saut deth Pish waterfall, Valle de Arán, Lleida

    2. Saut deth Pish, a double paradise

    If there were just one reason for Saut deth Pish to be considered one of the most emblematic waterfalls in the Val d’Aran, it would because you can watch the water crashing down from not one cascade, but two. The upper one at a height of around twenty metres, and the lower about five metres high. Listen to that rush of water at least once in your life. The route starts out at the Plan des Artiguetes, where you’ll gradually begin to explore the area’s magnificent landscape. You’ll make your way through the deep Bosque de Siesso, full of beech and fir trees, and fall in love with the small mountain lake of Varradós, located further north; you’ll come across little shelters where you can admire the vast landscape, and walk through the wide meadows skirting La Maladeta massif and Aneto Peak, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees.

  • Salt de Santa Margarida, Les Planes d

    3. Salto de Santa Margarida, a curtain of water

    Hidden away on the Brugent river in the Garrotxa area, the Salto de Santa Margarida is a small, natural oasis where you can watch the water flow into the basalt caves forming a blue curtain and a perfect climate for relaxing. To get there you take the Vía Verda or Camí del Carrilet, a perfectly smooth, flat path, ideal for walking or taking your bike. From there you'll discover little medieval bridges, like the one at the old Colonia Dusol and cross the Torrent de Can Reixac, which rises in Sierra Marina. Then you'll come to a trail that goes up to the sanctuary of Mare de Déu del Far, at the top of the Collsacabra cliffs, and you'll get your strength back at La Parada del Jonquer in Les Planes d'Hostoles, a highly recommended picnic area. 

  • View of the Molí dels Murris, Les Planes d

    4. Salt del Molí dels Murris, one of the most refreshing routes 

    Another must-see in the Garrotxa area is the Salt del Molí dels Murris waterfall, in the Riera de Cogolls. It’s ideal for taking a dip in a setting that’s a haven of peace. Prepare for a peaceful, shady trail, the Ruta del Carrilet, where you’ll leave Planes d'Hostoles behind you and lose yourself among fields of sweet-smelling crops. When you arrive, climb up the natural stone steps, go for a swim in the spectacular pools and immerse yourself in the cool, shining waters. Furthermore, due to a high concentration of calcium bicarbonate, you' ll discover the peculiar rock formations called "Els Travertins".  So, grab your swimming gear and a towel, and get ready to discover a route that as surprising as it is refreshing. 

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