People shopping on Calle Sierpes, one of the most traditional streets in Seville

Unusual shopping opportunities in Andalusia


Andalusia has lots of attractions, including interesting shops and things to buy. Here you can lose yourself in lively markets, find luxury items right by the sea, and buy some truly unique products.

  • Luxury shops in Puerto Banús, Marbella, Malaga

    Luxury shopping in Malaga

    In Marbella, the capital of the Costa del Sol, you can buy designer items from world-famous names in glamorous Puerto Banús, where over a hundred of these luxury brands are available, many in their own boutiques. 

  • Artisan pottery items from Níjar, Almería

    Tableware in Almeria

    Pottery is one of Andalusia’s standout handicraft products, above all the ceramics from Níjar. In this little town you’ll find lots of handmade items, one-off pieces that are original, exclusive and characterised by colourful finishing touches.

  • A woman buying a Manila shawl in a shop in Seville

    Flamenco shopping in Seville

    Even if you don’t come for the spring fair, taking home a flamenco souvenir of the city is pretty much compulsory. It’s no surprise to find flamenco dresses, shawls, fans, and La Cartuja de Sevilla ceramics and tableware on the streets of Seville’s old quarter.

  • Views of Calle Cruz del Conde, the main shopping street in Cordoba

    Calle Cruz Conde in Cordoba

    This is one of the most famous streets in the city, where you’ll not only find lots of shops, but also the traditional Cordoba taverns where you can enjoy some great tapas. Additionally, you’ll be able to buy some singular pieces of Cordoba’s filigree jewellery. 

  • One of the entrances to the Alcaicería market in Granada

    La Alcaicería, Granada

    Today, this place has a multitude of little shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts. But in the past it was Granada’s market for luxury goods, where you could buy silks, jewellery, and furs.

In Andalusia you’ll find some unusual shopping opportunities - not to be missed.

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