Tourist relaxing in a jacuzzi in a cabin in the Vall de Bianya in Girona, Catalonia

Relaxing holidays in Spain


The festivals of Spain attract the attention of plenty of travellers looking for big events and unforgettable nights out. But, far away from the buzz and noise of the celebrations, Spain also promises a gentle tranquillity – with experiences that are both relaxing and exciting. Want to discover some of the very best ideas for a relaxing holiday?

  • View of the Outariz and Burga de Canedo thermal area in Orense, Galicia

    The Minho Thermal Route

    On the banks of the river Minho in Ourense, there’s a green trail full of medicinal hot springs – some of them are even free to access! Fancy a restorative dip and a walk?  Come to the source of O Tinteiro; from its viewpoint, you can enjoy a bath with dermatological benefits. The Outariz and Burga de Canedo swimming pools, very famous in the city for their large size, are also within easy reach.

  • Detail of the streets of Peñalba de Santiago in León, Castile and León

    The Valle del Silencio

    You might like to take a walk through the so-called ‘Valley of Silence’ (León) where you’ll hear nothing but the whispers of the natural world until you reach one of its welcoming mountain villages, such as Peñalba de Santiago. You’ll find peaceful streets lined with stone houses topped with slate roofs, where you’ll begin to feel just like one of the locals here in these remote villages.

  • Pilgrim at sunrise during the St James Way

    The St James Way

    Taking a pilgrimage is another way of connecting with nature and with your inner self. The experience offers peace, tranquillity, and time to think, far removed from the stresses of everyday life. Do you dare to take on one of the legendary routes on the Way of St James?

  • Tree-house in Sant Hilari Sacalm forest in Girona, Catalonia

    The tree-house of your dreams

    If you enjoyed building tree-houses with whatever you happened to find at home when you were a child, Spain will have you daydreaming about those huts you so desperately wished for when you were little. This is a highly unusual type of accommodation which can be found in secluded rural locations all over the country: Navarre, the Madrid Region, Andalusia, Catalonia and Galicia, among others. 

  • View of the Isla Pancha lighthouse in Lugo, Galicia

    Spend a night at the Isla Pancha lighthouse

    A few kilometres from the town of Ribadeo (Galicia), you’ll find a bridge linking it with Isla Pancha. In spring, the island is covered with brilliant shades of pink which, together with the sound of the gentle lapping of the waves, makes this a truly dream-like place that feels a million miles from the rest of the world.And what’s more, the lighthouse is actually a hotel in which you can spend the night surrounded by this spectacular landscape!

  • Hot air balloon flying above the vineyards of La Rioja

    A hot-air balloon flight over the fields of La Rioja

    If you’re interested in the art of wine-making, imagine enjoying a bird’s eye view of the vineyards. A range of companies offer this type of activity in the Riojan countryside. A truly liberating experience, where the tranquillity of the moment combines with the all-encompassing peace of the Ebro Valley. 

  • Detail of a bubble hotel in the municipality of Hormigos in Toledo, Castile-La Mancha

    A night in a bubble hotel beneath the stars

    If you love glamping, perhaps you’ll fancy switching a tent for these spherical roof domes with transparent walls. There’s nothing more relaxing than sleeping surrounded by a star-filled sky.Bubble hotels are a trendy new type of accommodation, becoming an increasingly common form of tourism in Spain today. Toledo, Ciudad Real, the Canary Islands, Silleda (Galicia) and Girona all offer some highly recommend bubble hotels. 

  • A train trip on which to enjoy the journey

    Spain is home to a great range of tourist trains, such as the Campos de Castilla (‘Fields of Castile’), the Tren dels Llacs (‘the Lakes Train’), the La Robla Express, the Transcantábrico that crosses northern Spain, and many more! Get ready for a marvellous journey across mountains and through historic towns, and prepare to be mesmerised by the views from your carriage window.

  • Lavender field in the municipality of Brihuega in Guadalajara, Castile-La Mancha

    The Garden of La Alcarria in Guadalajara

    Brihuega is a town in Guadalajara that’s known as the Garden of Alcarria – a place bursting with natural springs and great fields of lavender. Can you imagine heading out to a concert at sundown in those fields? If that sounds like your kind of thing, why not visit the town during its Lavender Festival, held each year in the month of July. Here, you’ll find a natural spectacle which, together with the vibrant colour and scent of its flowers, is transformed into a real treat for the senses.