View of Toledo chair

The Toledo chair and other famous Spanish design furniture


The talent of Spanish design is indisputable. Chairs, tables, sofas, lamps... Unique furniture created by world-renowned designers. If you are interested in interior design, Spain is an ideal place to go shopping and get furniture of immense quality and beauty. Read on and take note of some of the most famous pieces designed in Spain.

  • View of Toledo chair

    The Toledo chair

    Whichever Spanish city you visit, when you are in a bar enjoying some delicious Spanish tapas you are bound to be sitting on the well-known Toledo chair. Designed in 1988 by the architect and designer Jorge Pensi, it abounds in all Spanish terraces due to its comfort, versatility and resistance. Discover the most iconic bar streets in Spain, like Calle del Laurel in Logrono and the Húmedo neighbourhood in Leon. You will see how this aluminium chair adds a touch of contemporary design to all of them!

  • Andrea chair by Josep Lluscà

    The Andrea chair

    This imaginative three-legged chair is a creation by Josep Lluscà, a Catalan designer who was inspired by the Casa Calvet by Antoni Gaudí, in Barcelona. Just 10 minutes walk from the iconic Plaza de Cataluña, you will be able to find the house's traditional façade. In 1900, it received the annual prize for the best artistic building from the Barcelona City Council. A unique source of inspiration for the creation of one of the most recognised pieces of furniture in Spanish design.

  • Torres Clavé armchair

    The Torres Clavé armchair

    Currently available, this armchair will surely draw your attention due to its warmth and naturalness. It's a 1934 design by the architect Josep Torres Clavé, which is ideal for decorating home interiors. It is inspired by the Ibizan style, famous for its light and freshness. In fact, if you are lucky enough to visit Ibiza don't hesitate to walk around Dalt Vila, the old walled city whose streets exude the island character that inspired this beautiful Spanish armchair.

  • View of the Lowseat couch by Patricia Urquiola

    Lowseat couch

    Together with other creations such as the Mangas rug, the Lowseat couch was designed by the Asturian architect Patricia Urquiola. This one-piece couch stands out for its innovative shape and its passionate red colour, typical of the designer's talent. Of Basque descent, Urquiola also lived in Madrid, so all her works are impregnated with the influence of some of the most special destinations in Spain.The medieval style of Oviedo, the beauty of The Basque Country and the freshness of Madrid… How not to be inspired by so many unique places?

These are just some of the best-known examples of Spanish design furniture. Spain has undoubtedly inspired talented designers for decades, resulting in internationally recognised unique pieces. Feel like visiting Spanish cities and buying one of these special designs?

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