Inside the Silk Exchange, Valencia

The Silk Exchange


The jewel of European Gothic civil architecture

Built in the 15th century, the Silk Exchange is Valencia's Gothic monument par excellence.

The majority of the "Lonja" (silk exchange) was built between 1482 and 1492, under master mason Pere Compte. The work was completed by a pupil of his after his death, which explains the presence of Renaissance elements. The Silk Exchange is considered one of Europe's most beautiful examples of Gothic civil architecture. Its similarity with old medieval castles is based on the fierce, fortress-like appearance of its stone walls. It comprises four parts: the Tower, the Sea Consulate Room, the Orange-tree Patio and the Room of Columns. The site covers more than 2,000 square metres indoors and out. On Sundays there is also an exhibition of coins and stamps.

The Silk Exchange

Lonja 2

46001  Valencia, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)

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