View of the ceiling and stained glass inside the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Basilica of La Sagrada Familia


The great temple of atonement

In 1883 the brilliant architect Gaudí agreed to take on this project, succeeding Francisco de Paula, and worked on it until his death.

Work to complete this great basilica still continues today. The first architect to undertake this project originally planned a neo-Gothic building. However Gaudí took over following his death, and while conserving the original layout he soon stamped his own personal imprint and distinctive style on the building. He finished only the chapel of San José, the crypt and the door of El Nacimiento. The façades and the entire exterior have a glorious profusion of brightly-coloured decorative elements. There is a cryptogram over the La Pasión door.

Basilica of La Sagrada Familia

Calle Mallorca 401

08013  Barcelona  (Catalonia)

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