Carmona Roman Necropolis


Thanks its excellent site, the city of Carmona has existed in some form from Prehistory down to the present day and preserves plenty of evidence of its past. However, it was under Roman government that Carmona reached its maximum splendour and the imprint of the Romans appears all over the place: the Seville Gate, the funeral enclosure and the amphitheatre. Outside the walled enclosure, a large part of the Roman necropolis is preserved, together with other evidence of urban activity, like the quarry where blocks of building stone were extracted, pottery and the amphitheatre, dedicated to public spectacle The archaeological site at Carmona was created as such by Decree of the Andalusian government in 1992.

Carmona Roman Necropolis

Avenida de Jorge Bonsor, 9

41410  Carmona, Seville  (Andalusia)

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