Typhlological Museum


The Typhlological Museum has been designed to promote and bring culture closer to those with a visual impairment.

Built in 1992 by the National Organisation of the Blind (ONCE), the Typhlological Museum offers exhibits to be seen and touched. It houses a collection of scale models reproducing some of the most important national and international monuments such as the Alhambra in Granada, Burgos Cathedral and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It also retraces the history of Braille and other accessible writing systems and their use in teaching and industrial arts. It is also home to a permanent exhibition of works by blind artists and those with a serious visual impairment. The entire museum is designed to help access to the collections: information in Braille and large print, maps in relief, touch and sound systems, etc.

Typhlological Museum

Calle Coruña, 18

28020  Madrid  (Madrid Region) Tel.:+34 915894219 Website: