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Monteagudo Castle


The castle is located on the top of a hill.This fortress is very well preserved.The archaeological remains found belong to the Islamic period.After the foundation of the town of Murcia (825), as well as serving as a fortress, it was also a prison and grain store for peasants having huge underground reservoirs so that the garrison could hold out for long periods of time.Its wall is made of solid stretches of wall mortar, the plan adapts to the topology of the terrain, spreading across two terraces located on different heights.To the south flank several underground reservoirs can be found along with grain stores and other rooms.The castle did not loose its strategic function during the Christian conquest rather it formed part of the Castilian Crown.After the constitution of the Kingdom of Murcia, it was converted into a border castle between the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile and it performed this function until the 15th century.

Monteagudo Castle

30003  Murcia  (Region of Murcia)