Fabara Roman Sepulchre



A temple-mausoleum.

This is one of the best preserved Roman tombs in the world.

It is built in the shape of a temple, but houses a mausoleum from when the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula. It is very large, dates from the 2nd century and large blocks of limestone were used in its construction, joined together with iron clamps. The pediment tympanum is preserved and the name of the deceased can be read: "L. Aemili Lupi”. The building has interesting external decoration, different on each of the façades: the rear has acanthus leaves with rosettes inside; on the south façade there are seven eagles with flower garlands, and on the north one there are also garlands, but held by columns.

Fabara Roman Sepulchre

Río Matarraña (margen izuierda), a 1 km. de Fabara

50793  Fabara, Zaragoza  (Aragón)