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Espacio Miró – Fundación Mapfre


A place for studying the work of the Catalan artist Joan Miró. His art is very personal, with a great deal of symbolic meaning, depicting the material, tangible world through fantasy.

The Espacio Miró displays over 60 works by Joan Miró in Madrid. The suggested itinerary goes through five stages, paying special attention to his close relationship with US expressionism, his constant use of symbols such as stars, birds, or the female figure, his fantastical depictions of heads, and his eternal challenge to traditional painting. Examples of this challenge include his interventions in works by unknown artists in which he added his own creations, and his use of waste materials, scrap wood, resins and paint splatters. There is also a space dedicated to his artistic relationship with Alexander Calder, who gave Miró the four sculptures and the oil painting shown here.The exhibition emphasises the last decades of Miró's work, and his return to themes which he often reinvented. It also reveals such diverse influences as folk art, Asian calligraphy, and urban graffiti.

Espacio Miró – Fundación Mapfre

Espacio Miró

Paseo de Recoletos, 23

28004  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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