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Joan Miró Foundation


A highly personal world

This museum looks at the work of Joan Miró, a prolific and original artist.

Designed in 1975, the Joan Miró Foundation has a magnificent collection of works by the artist: some 11,000 pieces, including 240 paintings, 175 sculptures, 9 textile pieces, 4 ceramic works, nearly all his graphic works and some 8,000 drawings. But part of Miró’s legacy can also be seen around the city itself; an example is the spectacular sculpture "Woman and Bird" in the Escorxador Park, which is covered in fragments of tiles.

Joan Miró Foundation

Parque de Montjuïc s/n

08038  Barcelona  (Catalonia)

Е-mail:info@fmirobcn.org Тел.:+34 934439470 Веб-сайт:://www.fundaciomiro-bcn.org
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